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Type of Boxes and Range

We have three categories and two types of boxes at Pikt

Types of Boxes:

  • Build Your Own
    • You pick and choose what you like and how much you need, each box category shows the range available for that box type
      • TIP: The BIGGEST range is the Build Your Own HOMEY box.
    • At the checkout, you can adjust the portions, and if you have forgotten something, you can add more or less.
  • Ready-Made
    • We have preselected popular contents, and you only need to click to cart and checkout, its the easiest for those with less time to choose from the HUGE range.
    • When you're at the checkout, you can't amend the contents of these boxes.

Category of Boxes:

We came up names, so you know at a glance at what they are.

  • Homey
    • Designed for HOME use, this box allows you to shop the entire range.
  • Prepster
    • Designed for Food Trucks, Bars and Prep Stations, this box has a quick and easy opening so you can focus on the presentation to your customers knowing you have the best ingredients at hand.
  • Fruitist
    • Fed up with eating unhealthy snacks at the Office, Reception, Gym, School, Conference or you might like to sell individual fruit at your shop; this box has a quick and easy opening allowing a few pieces of fruit showing so not everything is touched and remains clean and hygienic.